Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Creative Beginning

I'm sitting at work. (gasp). I'm watching some teenagers stick their tongues out to each other, and it delights me and moves me and for some (hereto unfathomable) reason reminds me of the joy that is found in creating. I want to write, and not for anyone else, but for myself. So, I think to myself "You have a blog!". I do? I do! And I had set this thing up in order to maybe share thoughts, enjoy community with people who might want to read what I wrote, perhaps pen a few lines as I work through a Sunday morning lesson and allow my young'uns to back feed (because feedback can be a verb, yes?).

But....as so often happens when in the grip of a creative fit, I start this idea and push the stone and get it rollin', and then I kinda let it go and (believe it or not) get disappointed when it stops rolling. So, I will just write this for me, and perhaps it will develop its own community, or perhaps not, but I can't let that be what determines whether or not I will begin. At the moment I'm reading George MacDonald's __At the Back of the North Wind__, and there's a great exchange between Diamond (the little boy) and the North Wind. Shall I share just a bit?

"But trying is not much."

"Yes it is -- a very great deal, for it is a beginning. And a beginning is the greatest thing of all."

It is, isn't it?


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